Nice to meet you!

I'm André.

Graphic Design

Experience: 5 years

Graphic Designer with expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite. Complex image editing and graphic design skills allow me to play a crucial role in the implementation of design initiatives.

Web Development

Experience: 1 years

Front-End Developer with strong skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and React. In love with animation tools like GSAP, Bodymovin and Lottie. Finished Integrify's software development program 2019.


Experience: 10 years

Photographer with a strong focus on professional retouching and complex image editing (compositing). I worked in advertising agencies in Germany and Finland and as a freelancer.

Some of the companies I've worked for:

Hello world!

I'm André. Today I'm exactly years old. Currently I live in Helsinki, Finland. I'm a multi-talented human. Most of my time I design and build digital products.

I possess a degree in Media Design and have worked on a multitude of web and print based projects for a range of clients providing Photography and Image Editing, Corporate Branding and Graphic Design, Web Design and Development.

I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my skills one problem at a time.

My toolbox:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe XD

My projects

Mobile App for TalentAdore

I did the complete design of TalentAdore's mobile UI from scratch. First I created a fully working prototype in Adobe XD, later I monitored and assisted the team during the whole development process.

Adobe XD

Janne Heikkinen Website

Website for a member of the Finnish parliament. In a team of 3 I was responsible for the whole design. After the design prototype was ready, I joined the developer team. We used agile software development to finish this project.

HTML, SASS, JavaScript, React, Contentful, GraphQL, Gatsby


Sushi-san Website

My first "real-world" project. I designed and coded the website for the Helsinki based Sushi Restaurant "Sushi-san" on my own from scratch. The owner provided me with the logo and a color scheme.



Portfolio Website

The website you're looking at. It was the first time I used the Greensock Animation Platform (GSAP) and the library ScrollMagic. Furthermore it was also the first time I used the After Effects Bodymovin plug-in and the Lottie web player.

HTML, SASS, JavaScript, GSAP, ScrollMagic, Bodymovin, Lottie

Demo GitHub

Think Tank Website

During the Integrify coding program I taught my classmates design principles and Adobe XD in a design bootcamp. The design of the Think Tank United website is what I prepared for those lessons.

Adobe XD

Color Generator

A small tool to generate random hexadecimal color codes to practise DOM manipulation in JavaScript.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Demo GitHub

Country Filter Tool

A tool to filter countries by starting or containing characters to practice filter and sorting methods in JavaScript.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Demo GitHub

Rokotin App

A prototype of a Finnish vaccination app, developed for the Nordic Health Hackathon 2019. In a team of 5 I was responsible for the design and Front-End development.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase

Demo GitHub

Money Tracker

A simple tool to track incomes and expenses to practise JavaScript localeStorage methods.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Demo GitHub

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